Rakesh Chettier

Rakesh Chettier

My interest in computer science together with my undergraduate major in biotechnology has led me to the MS program in Biomedical Engineering at Boston University. My advisors are Dr. Sandor Vajda and Dr. Charles Delisi.

The data from yeast two-hybrid experiments have provided insights into the new field of proteomics. Proteomics, as the name suggests, deals with protein interactions which can eventually be formed into networks. I am interested in analysing the properties of the protein interaction network in S.cerevisiae. The interaction maps are potentially very useful for defining biological modules. To gain insight into different biological processes, analyses of the interaction map become imperative.

My interest also revolves around the applications of physical interaction data in different areas of research where data is a limiting factor. For example, in human lung cancer research, the genes differentially expressed within a set of binary samples can be validated, based on the physical interactions of their homologs in Yeast. Please visit the following web page to visualize the validated clusters obtained by our protocol.

Yeast Interactome